Executive Lawlessness in face of massive fraudulent activities.

In some States like Kaduna, Rivers, Edo and Akwa Ibom the likes of Mac Atasie would have been in Jail for fraud and misappropriation of public funds.

Its is only in Abia that a consultant who should be an epitome of integrity is caught in massive fraud and he still has the guts to be going around without the accompanying shame that goes with such ignoble act .

This only confirms the suspicion of most Abians that Mac Atasie is in bed with top government officials on the massive fraud and sharing arrangement in Abia BIR.

Last week while Abia house of assembly were still investigating massive fraud of over 2 billion naira perpetrated through the 10 corporate accounts owned and managed by Mac Atasie proxies , Mac who appeared in person never denied that he was paid about 800m on one account neither did he deny the existence of those 10 fraudulent companies and their directors which included his wife Tina Atasie .

We had expected Mac Atasie to bow his head in shame with all these revelations but he still had the guts to invite an Edo man who is based in Lagos under “Forum of mobile advert practitioners to tell us how Zubics Global Ventures has been a problem to them and paid him only 2 million naira with Abia stolen funds .He went further to lie about the presence of the Governor of the state in the said meeting .

It has been confirmed that he said fake assemblage of mobile people took place at the conference room of BIR hence the Gov was not even represented I their game to divert attention to the massive fraud done by a man that ear the meat that was hanged on his neck..

Just yesterday 5th of Aug same Mac Atasie stampede the management of Aspimss to issue an uninspiring and funny memo on Zubics Global ventures job in Aspimss

For clarity, Aspimss never award any current job to Zubiscs Global ventures as they got the job through the State high court judgement which the State is yet to enter appeal .

No matter, the intimidation and blackmail by Mac Atasie and those that are not happy with the revelation of the fraud , we will not back down on a job we paid millions to the coffers of Abia state government because of someone who has lost all the respect associated with a consultant.

Unless If Mac Atasie has concluded that we are all fools in Abia , he has no moral right to talk about improving Abia IGR instead he opened 50 fake Facebook accounts to attack me. The CAC confirmation of conflict of interest where he used his wife and friend as directors to open multiple companies for the sole purpose of stealing Abia money.

We are aware that Mac Atasie and the Bianca of Abia state ( Man beater) is inviting the women of Uratta Umuha to the annual August meeting and has lined up a lot of activities. We encourage the women of Utatta to attend but note that any gift time or money given to them is part of the N2b stolen by Mac Atasie Nwa akpola , the wife and the other directors on the board of over 10 companies used to steal our money.

We are aware that over 15 year Mac has been brandishing his closeness to top corporate organisations, he never owned a hut neither did he remember that his village women exist. It took the access to Abia money from 2019 for Mac to remember that owing a befitting house is necessary in lagos and village . His wife is only sharing the little from the lot they have stolen from Abia and we encourage all the women of Ngwa to ask for their share as she is busy transforming her fathers house in Anambra better than what we have at Uratta.

Mac Atasie can never redeem what ever is left of his battered image as we see him as an embodiment of fraud that can never be trusted.

Mac Atasie and his wife had turned Abia to their public water supply as the wife brags how she uses first class in all her travellers and how she can only use designers of all types .

We can go ahead as we are yet to see anybody that can accept the smell that oozes out from Mac Atasie’s mouth but will be quick to add that Abia money should be for Abia.

Attached below is my court Judgment order Suit No : HUM/70M/2020. let Him Bring the one He Has used in setting it aside or let Him close up the whole court in Abia as He Mac Atasie is now the Government of Abia state. ( Ka Chineke mezie okwu )

Elder Chief Dr Azubuike Ihuoma Erondu JP GDJ.
Writing from Umuaro Village Obingwa LGA Abia State.

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