2023 Polls: Obi/Baba-Ahmed Best To Support

Obi/Baba-Ahmed Best To Support

By Babangida Kakaki 

Editor/CEO, BallPoint Newsmagazine 

As the 2023 elections gather momentum,  all presidential candidates ought to be assessed on their performance records whether they can be supported or not. The ruling party, APC has fielded Bola Tinubu and Kashim Shettima, the so-called Muslim-Muslim ticket that is still generating mixed reactions from across the country. For PDP, it is Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President and his running mate Gov. Okowa of Delta State. The NNPP, a seemingly new party has former Governor of Kano state, Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso, and his running mate Pastor Ben Idahosa. The Labour Party (LP) has fielded former Anambra state Governor, Mr Peter Obi and an educationists par excellence, Dr Yusuf Baba-Ahmed. 

So, after assessing these persons and their political antecedents, Nigerians are wiser now, and having a rethink. From all indications, the LP candidates are the best to support among the presidential hopefuls who are capable to lead this country in 2023. 

To answer some question being asked, 

Peter Obi has many qualities over all the candidates presented. He is younger in age than Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar. He is more academically educated than them. He is youth-friendly and visionary. His ideas of a better Nigeria resonates with the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians particularly youths. In fact his resume points to the fact that he is better qualified to lead this country better than them. 

His performance records speak volumes of his competence. He is successful in academics, public and private service and in business. In politics, his sojourn as a governor is incomparable and his greatest asset because he is tested and trusted beyond measure.

Similarly, his running mate, Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed is not only an educationist, but a proprietor of a full pledge private university, which is adjudged as one of the best in the country. His enormous credentials has proven his mettle and competence to lead.

In the 2023 presidential contest, the youths being vanguard in any struggle, has realised the neglect, usage and manipulation of the elites. The power elites in this country have been using them for their parochial motives and interests especially during elections and after. The moment it is over, the youths are abandoned to their fate. Alot of them are turned into political thugs, among whom some graduated to hardened criminals, insurgents and bandits – an intractable security challenge that bedevilled the Northern region, and has tendency to spill over to the whole country. Having understood this ugly scenario, thousands of youths have made up their minds to support LP’s presidential candidates in the forthcoming 2023 elections. Already, alot of alliances are forming along that line of thinking and concrete action.

The choice of Dr Datti Baba-Ahmed as running mate is a testimony to Obi’s vision and mission for young, agile, healthy looking and academically sound person, armed with greater vision and mission for  this country. Togeher, they are ever ready to salvage this country from the cocoons of poverty, hopelessness, ignorance, disunity and culpable corruption, so that the nation could have a better future that is citizens-friendly. 

In many quarters, there is a profound belief that the likes of Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar could not help this country out of its woods. In fact, they are part of the problem that afflicts Nigeria. Nigerians are sayingbit how in their conversations. So, why should they be voted into office in 2023?

Without fear of contradiction, Peter Obi of the LP is not, and more physically fit, intellectually educated, of appreciable age, imbued with requisite wisdom and knowledge of how to turn this country around and carry youths along the national salvation journey. It is not a matter of sentiments.

One might argue that, LP is not a big political party. Yes, but is not a new political party either. It has been around in this political dispensation with some elected members of the Assemblies at state and national levels, and at least two governor, Olusegun Mimiko and Adam’s Oshiomole of Edo State. The declaration of Obi has given it another impetus in the national parties equation. 

Peter Obi/Baba-Ahmed have the youngest aged among the candidates –  Obi is a little above 50, likewise Dr Baba-Ahmed. They are physically fit, vibrant, energetic and youthful-looking. Their brains and physiques are okay for the wear and tear of the presidency. In fact, to be a president, one must be healthy, intellectually sound, emotional stable to succeed. It’s not an easy task. Obi and Baba-Ahmed have all these qualities and many more. The other candidates have already aged and physically lame. So, it is hard responsibility that requires medium age, mental, physical and emotional energies that Obi/Baba-Ahmed have. So, the electorates,  particularly the youth, who have been too much neglected should put their potentials at work, change their mindsets and support Obi/Baba-Ahmed Candidacy in the LP. They should ignore the APC and PDP because they are not the nation’s alternatives. They are not, really.

We have divergent faiths. Had God willed it, all creations would have been the same. But there is wisdom in our difference, and that is what God wants. The issue of religion is personal, but politically, we are looking for someone who is going to lead us irrespective of his religion, region or tribe. We have elected our own, Pres. Buhari. What has he done to change our lives? Nothing. In fact, to many Northern youths, Buhari is the worst leader who made nonsense of the economy and failed to right the wrongs of the past. The same Buhari unleashed barrage of criticisms and insults on past presidents, as if he is a messiah. 

So, the issue of leadership is devoid of religious faith or tribal identity. It’s based on competence, ability, mental and physical strength. We should not allow anyone to destroy our thinking using religions in politics. Never. Religion is between one and his creator. Even God in the hole Quran has said, “He gives power to whomsoever he wishes at the time he wishes.” He didn’t say to only a Muslim. Now, Buhari is a Muslm Northerner. What has Northern Muslims benefitted from his leadership? Tell me, if you know. God gives power to all – chistians, muslims, atheists and whoever. The yardsticks to measure is justice, honesty, service to the people, protection of citizens’ honour and their wealth. These are the attributes of a leader this country wants irrespective of his faith,  where he comes from or ethnicity.

The 2023 presidential poll is about the nation’s destiny. It is a belief and total conviction in our democratic journey. A stupid man, it is said, is someone who see the truth, but refused to accept it. One thing that Nogerians have to know is that, it is not futile for someone to vote for a candidate he believed in even if he is going to loose an election, but voting a bad and incompetent candidate even if he going to win election is the worst thing. And this is the beauty of democracy and by extension, the beauty of life. People might have different shades of opinions. What’s the point in joining the crowd just because of its number, while one knows and convinced he is  on the wrong path? What’s the point? So, people are conviced that, Obi/Baba-Ahmed candidature is the best and supportable to all patriotic Nigerians, especially the youths irrespective of religious, tribal or regional considerations.

Absolutely, there is a certainty the North would prosper better under Peter Obi more than it did, under Buhati APC led administration. The number of critical projects in the North which has been neglected and ignored by Buhari administration will be executed by LP’s presidential candidate and more. What happened during the Jonathan administration? People will tend to agree with me if I said, the record performances of Jonathan administration in the North are better than Buhari administration’s. So, by and large, Northern people are often better off if someone from the South is ruling this country. The records are there.

In the nutshell, better qualified persons to lead these country in 2023 are someones not aged – at least 50 – 60 years. The problem is we tend to rely on hearsay instead of us to make research on issues and personalities. One must do a research to find out. Even if one is going into a business with someone, one needs to know the kind of person he is dealing with, let alone someone whom we are going to surrender our lives and destiny to. It is a duty incumbent Nigerians of all callings to understudy Obi/Baba-Ahmed resume with a view to understand them for support.

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