“Clauses of the Electoral Act No. 6 2010 (Repeal & Re-enactment) Bill, 2021 (SB. 122)
    (Clause 43, Clause 52, Clause 63, and Clause 87.)

THE importance of both amendments is good for Nigeria as a country, the politicians, and the ordinary people who are members of the political parties.
This Article is dedicated to support the Direct party Primary alone since a lot has been said about the electronic voting and electronic transmission of results.

The Indirect Primary is the evil genius that destroyed internal democracy in Nigerian Politics:

A Governor in Nigeria is a God in his party using Indirect Primary party nominations to dictate who can succeed him as Governor, who can vote for presidential candidates, who can be a senator, House of Representatives and State Assemblyman, also Chairmen and councilors of Local Government. The Power of President or Governor only lasts for a maximum of (8) eight years, the same person when out of office becomes a slave to the next Governor who now dictates the tone.

However, with the new amendment clause of direct party primary, this clause stimulates hard work, popularity, integrity, etc, which will be your bargaining power for the voters to trust you. The direct primary somehow preserves and protects those former office holders whose influence has wained overtime and have lost their relevance in the scheme of things because they no longer control the treasury. The direct primary should be supported by all because if you are a President or Governor today you may not be in that office again and the elected person you handover to will be calling the shots and you will be ousted or in a beggarly position.

Our best option for the preservation of political power is always better to leave it in the hands of the people . This is a win win situation for the powerful and weak.
There is the saying that a single man may not be able to cook for a village, but the village can cook for one man.

Let us talk about the evil of indirect primary that has robbed the country of very qualified people the opportunity to succeed in being nominated to become political party flag-bearers.

The indirect Primary is mostly beneficial to those who are present office holders who have the treasury and the paraphernalia of office. Therefore, only those in active offices and their loyalists benefit from the indirect primary. Indirect Primary has the benefit of imposing candidates and that have pitched state governors against political party officials, which is the reason for the ousting of the then National Chairmen of APC Adams Oshomole and his PDP counterpart Prince Uche Secondus, for fear that the National Chairmen may not compromise delegates list for party primary nominations and convention for would be Presidential candidates.

Let us briefly describe how the Indirect Primary works. With the indirect primary the Governor is the Alpha and Omega, he is in-charge and the bucks stops on his table at the state level, the Governor to an extent may be more powerful than even the President, that is why the Governors are running the party. The Governor supretends over the indirect primary by ordering the Commissioners, Local Government (LGA ) Chairmen and other appointees to draw a list of the most loyal three persons as State delegates and one person as National delegate, meanwhile the entire state executives and LGA and Ward executives are all Loyalists of the Governor which gives a total of 17 man state executives, 17 man LGA executives multiplied by the number of Local Governments, and the number of wards executives of 17 in number multiplied by the total number of wards in the LGA and state. The total number of the Delegates for a state congress may be smaller than the total number of registered party members in just one ward, so it is very easy for the Governor to dictate whom he wants. The Governor appointees micro manages the process according to the dictates of the Governor. The Indirect Primary is vulnerable to easy bribery and control, and the delegates can easily be camped in hotels and their telephone handsets seized to prevent any further communication until the primary is held. This system of party primary is firmly under the control of the Governor and that is the handle that enslaved the entire Nigeria. The Direct Primary requires all registered party members in the country as voters to elect their Presidential candidates; All qualified registered political party members in the State are qualified to elect the party’s gubernatorial candidate; All registered party members are qualified to elect the senatorial candidate for their
Senatorial and House of Representatives, State Assembly candidates. It is this system that makes the ordinary card carrying members become relevant, and it is this system that will compel candidates to physically visit the entire country, state and or constituency to present their manifestos. The direct primary connects the ordinary people and the candidates and it compels the candidates to campaign vigorously, which gives candidates a first hand knowledge of the challenges of the people and society.

The Indirect Primary creates Demi ~gods and 98% of the time the candidates don’t bother to campaign and rely on the governor’s “ anointing” and “endorsement”as the preferred candidate or candidates.

Therefore for the good of the ordinary people, and for the interest of the continued relevance and political power for the former office holders who are now humbled and are at the mercy of the present office holders for any favor even if the former office holders either intends to run for presidency or any other office.

Ironically, what goes around comes around, and in no distant time the present office holders may soon become a former office holders , and finds himself in the same situation. thanks to the constitution that limits term and tenure in government, and that is why it is highly recommend for all the parties and Nigerians to appreciate and give kudos to the National Assembly who had in their wisdom passed the electoral act amendment mandating the use of the Direct party Primary. Embracing the direct primary is a cure all for internal party democracy and giving Nigerians the best most popular candidates in general elections and reduce the tension of selling unpopular candidates .

Its sad to note that a great deal of the crisis during general elections are because of imposed unpopular candidates via Indirect party Primaries. Needless to say that we have experienced “ civil wars”, violence and loss of lives“ during general elections, including the only civil war of 1967 which owes its foundation to electioneering dispute. Most of the candidates imposed are unknown to the voters and the Governor or Minister or party big wig who had imposed the candidates is afraid of the possibility of the voters rejecting and voting against the imposed candidates, then the governor and the political party hatches a plan B with the mind set of whether they like the candidates or not we must win, and so they resort to the use of Bandits,Thugs, and solicits the unpatriotic Government Security agents and INEC officials to write fake election-results.

Sadly, to cover the fraud the president and or Governor and the party had in anticipation appointed Judges to defend the forged results at the tribunal, which 99% of the times uphold the fake results.

Very unfortunately the academic world are also compromised, as quite often the Governors and or Ministers have appointed Vice-Chancellors in anticipation to their being state returning officers during the general elections.

Regrettably, the vice-Chancellors also have a duty to appoint loyal professors and university lecturers as LGA returning officers to perpetuate the act as INEC ad hoc staff. , On the lower level INEC is ready to accept compromised ad hoc staff from the politicians to compliment the already programmed electoral stealing.

The fake results are announced nationwide and Nigerians are short changed with thugs and very irresponsible people sworn in as their political representatives occupying positions of which they lack the requisite expertise to discharge its duties.
The results is the complete destruction of Nigeria we see today.

To this end, the direct primary is our best option because in as much as it is not fool proof, it is very cumbersome to easily manage and unduly influence and bribe the multitude of the millions of people and hundred of thousands of party members to be put under the control of the “Imperial” Governor who is the de facto god of the universe.

There are parties that will argue that Direct Primary exposes their political party membership number. In my understanding, that thought is fraud and it shows that the political party is not accepted by Nigerians and it will be better for such party to bow out honorably and leave the political arena for serious political parties.

Mr President , your timely assent to the total amendment as passed by National Assembly is the legacy Nigerians and the entire world would remember you for in your life time and also when you have gone back to your creator.

Sir Precious Elekima
People’s Life Improvement Foundation.
And one of the National Leaders of NCFRONT.

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