Lessons from Calabar Green Carnival – By Honest Munachiso Offor

Lessons from Calabar Green Carnival – By Honest Munachiso Offor

Yesterday he was in Calabar at the invitation of another governor. It was a green carnival. Cross River leads the way in cleanliness and environmental friendliness. Duke laid the foundation and successive regimes have built on it.

Aba is sadly the dirtiest city in Nigeria. The city reeks of dirt and chaos. Incidentally, the governor’s previous assignment was to keep the city clean. He did a poor job then and he’s doing a poor job today.

Ohakim started the clean and green initiative. Ihedioha has shown interest in going green and keeping the city clean. He has been planting flowers and the piles of refuse that sat in street corners have since been evacuated.

I don’t know of any waste management policy in Abia other than ASEPA, an agency that has shown gross incompetence over the years. It doesn’t help that the headship of the agency is used to settle cronies and loyalists.

Declare a state of emergency in waste management. Privatize waste collection and have ASEPA supervise as a regulatory agency. Professionalize ASEPA and get the lazy rent-seekers out. Provide waste bins on roads and legislate on indiscriminate waste disposal. Launch a Green Brigade to keep roads clean. Recover dump sites on streets and turn them to gardens. Incentivize street cleanliness and embark on aggressive public advocacy. Have a plan and set very ambitious goals.

Don’t just share pictures. Show us what you learned and invite Ayade two years from now to see the transformation of your city. These things are not rocket science. Sometimes all it requires is a strong will and a good team. Ayade has a team, even Ihedioha has assembled his own. Don’t keep us waiting only to bring back the same crop of never-do-wells.

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