Buhari underestimated the damaging aftermath result of NEPOTISM and FAVOURITISM – Mezie Abia

The President of Nigeria created the whole mess for Nigeria, he underestimated the damaging aftermath result of NEPOTISM and FAVOURITISM. When 2 people commit the same crime, and one is pampered for being a northerner, and the other is apparently vilified and baptized by fire for being non-northerner or non Muslim; you have just planted a bitter apple of discord which will soon yield more venomous juice than the nation had bargained for.

Fruits of the poisoned tree of favouritism will include but not limited to, extremism, cessationism, separatism. A government that breeds all these evils against a society it governs can never sleep with its eyes closed.

Thinking you can continue to gratify one tribe and denigrate the other creates a clear picture of travesty which ultimately gives the disparaged party the right to say – “I dont want to be part of this injustice anymore” – “I want to resign from this organisation” -“I want to pursue my goal of self discovery; self-determination for myself – for my family, or as the case may be, for my people.

Truth be said, and in all honesty too – Nnamdi Kanu did not do anything that Patami did not do even worse. Kanu may have allegedly created ESN who burnt down police stations as alleged – but Kanu did not kill thousands of Nigeria army officers who lost their lives in Sambisa forest and other North East battlegrounds. ESN members did not enter into schools to routinely kidnap students in masses like the Muslim Boko Haram members.

Nnamdi Kanu did not have a religious godfather of banditry who helps him collect ransom from government and solicit sympathy for the bandits like Gumi Sheikh has been doing.

Sunday Igbogho has no one in government who speaks to say – if we cannot fully meet their demands for cessation, lets meet them halfway for truce and compromise – after all the terrorists were pampered in state sponsored rehabilitation and reintegration programmes.

Kanu used the social media to lambast the government, but Patami did that too. Boko Haram laid ambush for Governors with intent to kill them, but Sunday Igbogho did not wear suicide belt, killing innocent people in mosques and churches. It’s just a huge shame that Buhari administration has now relegated itself to a government that compares the better of two evils.

As far as some northern elders, Governors and some in Asok Rock are concerned, terrorism is better than cessationism – what a childish sense of hypocrisy that blindly defends the indefensible.

The only peaceful solution that Nigeria can ever receive in a time like this lies with the president who created the public outcry in the first place, and if Nigeria must work for all, and all the axis of agitations permanently suppressed, let the spirit of peace, justice and equality begin to flow from the courtyard of Aso Rock where nepotism was born and bred.


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