Kelvin Onyebuchi Pledges Support to YPP’s Ballot Revolution come 2023

Kelvin Onyebuchi Pledges Support to YPP’s Ballot Revolution come 2023.

Mr. Kelvin Onyebuchi, founder of Kelvin Onyebuchi Foundation; earlier today, in a telephone conversation with the National Chairman of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), regarding youth leadership and total involvement in the governance of the country come 2023.

While commending the Chairman on his role so far, in pushing the Youth Agenda in the country’s National Political space, and the current “Ballot Revolution” movement that he is championing ahead 2023; he noted the urgent need for Nigerian youths to join hands with the YPP, to secure their future, via the party’s campaign for “Ballot Revolution” come 2023 elections.

Mr Kelvin further noted that; “Its now obvious that if we don’t wrestle Power via Ballot Revolution in 2023 from the older generation of our leaders, they will never hand-over power to us. Our destiny is in our hands, if we don’t secure our future by ourselves, they won’t do it for us. They don’t care about us and will never care”.

“I urge all well meaning Nigerian Youths to come together and support YPP’s Ballot Revolution in the upcoming 2023 General elections. Together we can pull it off. We have the population, voting strength, youthful ambition and determination to retire these old men in power, and with a collective unity of purpose, we the youths will become President, Governors, Senators & House of Reps members come 2023.

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