Daily Nuggets:”Action is the Antidote to Average” – Chinenye Nwaogu

“Action is the antidote to average” – Chinenye Nwaogu

Talent is good but focused action outdoes talent that is passive.

Many prefer to live average lives because they lack the courage or drive to take the actions required to become outstanding. Some because of environmental factors which they are not sure how to confront and overcome.

Have you noticed that putting extra efforts, the ones you sometimes rationalize is what puts some people ahead most of the times.

Action backed up with the right attitude to life moves you away from an average life to a life of excellence and success. Whatever plans and dreams you may have, whatever talents you may be blessed with without action all amounts to rhetorics and rhetorics fails after sometime. For anything to be accomplished some action and effort must be exerted. You may not believe but many people know deep down in them that they are not meant for the average life.

They know there is so much more to the kind and level of life they live right now. However they lack the courage to confront their fears and face life with greater courage and optimism.

Actions brings out the excitments you need to enjoy fulfillment in life. The beauty of victory is ruminating over your efforts along the journey. It is good to have faith, it is good to believe in supernatural favour and grace, but know that you have been blessed with inate abilities to act to bring into reality those things you dream of.

You have an active role to play in crystalizing your dreams. Achieving your dreams requires some courses of actions that Needs to be set in motion, which you have an active part to play. Live life like no one owes you, even those you think are very responsible for your wellbeing.

Expand your mental and physical horizon, seek opportunities to gain more and more experiences. Learn new skills, sometimes volunteer for free work experiences just to add value to your worth. You will definitely find out that it pays at the end of the day.

Do not settle for less than you actually deserve. However wisdom is while waiting for the desirable, keep busy with some positive actions on the path of your destiny.

Patience is not standing idly looking on. It requires you acting on the seemingly small things while waiting for the big things. At the end you may just find out that it is the accummulation of those small experiences and opportunities that add up to the big things you expect.

Action, positive action requires a mental attitude that makes you understand your role in achieving your life’s destiny. It makes you know that work and action are a crucial part of your mortal existence. Decide today to be action oriented. Let the results of your actions keep announcing your personality.

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