Daily Nuggets: “You Own Nothing in this World, Everything is Temporary” – Chinenye Nwaogu

“Understand that you own nothing in this world, everthing surrounding you, your possessions and everything under you is temporary, only your love and deeds will remain forever” – Chinenye Nwaogu

A proper understanding of life makes it an interesting experience. When you properly understand life it becomes simples and easy. When you understand life properly you know that you could pass through the storm and walk upon water like Peter did and arrive safely into the ship even with the boisterous wind. When you understand life you will see problems more as challenges that are surmountable. When you understand life you expect very little out of it rather wants to give more value. When you understand life you will treat others better, be kinder, more compassionate, and accumulate little. At the very end of the day what matters will be actions taken, thoughts in your heart and relationships (the way you treat others).

The temporal nature of everything in life needs to sink very deep into your mind so that you will act and see life in its true nature. See every opportunity as a blessing and a chance to make the world a better place for others to live in. Someone said take life easy because even life may not take you serious. That is why it is easier to discover your destiny and path in life early and play along it, life becomes like a sweet melody. It is hardest when there are too much expectations and bitting more than you can chew. That is a horrible experience.

Life, happy and successful life has always been one step at a time progressively on a steady path. You may meet the challenges meant to strenghten you and prepare you for the next and other phases of your existence. This kind of approach is when you truly understand life.

Life is a gift that you will give account of, do not waste any minute of it on the wrong path, when in error navigate out and push forward, never harm yourself because of errors especially self errors. Take it simple, easy, steady and safe arrival is a guarrantee.

Daily Nuggets by Chinenye Nwaogu

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