Daily Nuggets: “The Best Way to Move Forward is to Let Go of What is Holding You Back” – Chinenye Nwaogu

“The best way to move forward is to let go of what is holding you back” – Chinenye Nwaogu

When life gets blurry simply adjust your focus. It is said, only the unwise does the same things overtime and expect different results. It is pure hypocrisy to continue on the same paths of unhappiness yet expecting a happy ending.

Any life journey that is always leading to nowhere has things you need to review and adjust to change the course of your existence.

If you want to change your life begin in your mind. Almost everything begins in the mind. The way you view things determines a lot about how you react, act and approach life. Once your thoughts are positive, winning oriented it creates positive energies that sees and focuses only on the possibilities which triggers series of actions and attitudes that pushes away every concievable obstacle. That mindset helps you surmount every challenge.

Many argue how unrealistic it is to maintain a positive attitude in a world filled with negativity. Remember, the world is not just your immidiate environment. The old wise saying states, “its only a tree that stands in a place while the hewer approaches with an axe”.

As a human being you are endowed with a mental and spiritual capacity to take charge of your life and to a large extent determine certain things in your life. Do not let anyone talk you into helplessness. Never allow any temporary situation make you feel hopeless.

You have the power to change things begining with yourself. If you feel your life is not moving in the direction you anticipate, begin with reviewing your mindsets, your attitudes, your circle of relationships, the people you associate with, the things you do, therein lies the real change you need.

Never outsource the power of setting and achieving your life’s agenda to external circumstances, factors and persons. Its being said when writing the story of your life do not hand over the pen to someone else. Nothing is wrong in getting a mentor who will assist you navigate the contours of life, but be sure to sieve everything. Do not take lessons from small and negative minds, they only see obtacles in every situation.

Relate more with positive minded free spirited individuals who see opportunties in every situation. Your life is purposeful, it is been said often discover it and work hard to achieve it.

Weed out everything that serves as stumbling block to your life’s goals.

Sometimes it is just fear of the unknown, the fear of failure can keep you on the starting line forever. Shed off every limiting factor today and watch yourself soar like an eagle.

Daily Nuggets by Chinenye Nwaogu

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