Daily Nuggets: “If you Give up at the First Sign of Struggle, you are not yet Ready to be Successful” – Chinenye Nwaogu

“If you give up at the first sign of struggle, you are not yet ready to be successful” – Chinenye Nwaogu

When you think of success and life what comes to your mind, easy ride or overcoming challenges?

Overcoming challenges is like body building exercise, the more you overcome the stronger you become. Life offers you many growth opportunities some come as hard work, some come as challenges you must be determined to put efforts thats how to gain experience.

Experience is a great teacher and you may not get it without being an active participant.

Live life like nobody owes you. see every benevolence as a gift and make gratitude a pattern of living. Never approach life with any sense of entitlement, when angels appear on your path to lift you up be humble and appreciate it. Live in such a way that your life adds value to humanity.

If you want to be successful giving up should never be an option. Those who cross the glass ceiling are those who put the extra effort. They embark on assignment without thinking about self or what is in it for them. They think more about impact than gain.

The more grace and favour you carry the more opposition you should actually expect, however those oppositions are just like roaring lions that will surrender under the weight of determination. Be determined to reach the finish line that is where the crown is.

I see many people complain a successful mind is focused on results and not faults. Do not let fear drive you rather faith and hope with understanding that life will not hand you success on a platter of gold. It comes with a price called work.

Daily Nuggets by Chineneye Nwaogu

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