INTEL News Exclusive interview with Ms. Titilope Anifowoshe, as she speaks on; Her Passion for Humanitarian Service, Politics, Future Career Prospects, and her Participation in Social movements that seek change, equity, Justice and a better society in Nigeria.

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Interviewer: Ma please can we get to know you?

Titi: My name is Titilope Anifowoshe; am a lawyer by profession, founder and CEO of Eagles Foundation for Humanity, co-Founder Kheila Nigerian Limited, Board Member MUTASIT Oil and Gas, and currently the Special Adviser on Legal and Policy Research to the Hon. Minister of State for Transport.

Interviewer: Your Humanitarian Foundation recently purchased 500 Braille Slates for the Pacelli School for the Blind, Lagos. Please can you tell us a little about it and your Humanitarian projects so far?

Titi: A Braille slate is a device blind and visually impaired people use to read and write. Some people may not understand how visually impaired people struggle to read and write and get educated. So in our way of supporting people with disabilities, we at the Eagles Foundation for Humanity, decided to purchase and donate the 500 Braille slates and stylus to the children at Pacelli School of the Blind Lagos. So on the 3rd of December, being the date of the International Day of People living with disabilities, we will share the Braille Slates and Styluses along with food provisions to the students.

Interviewer: Does your foundation have other Humanitarian programmes or projects before the Years rounds-up?
Titi: No. Donation of the Braille slates and styluses for the Pacelli School of the blind is our last project for the year. Our other projects will continue next year.
Interviewer: You are a Lawyer and an activist, and your antecedents show that you are always involved in social movements that advocate for Justice, social change and development. Could that be why you participated in the O to G Movement in Kwara and of most recent the #EndSARS Protest?

Titi: Yes, because the Nigeria we dream of and wish to have, has to start with our own immediate society and environment. If I look around myself and things aren’t going well and instead of doing something about it, I become more interested in something happening in other countries, then there is something wrong with me. So my participation, in the O to G movement in Kwara, and the #EndSARS Protest, are my own little way of contributing towards the growth and development of our Nation.

Interviewer: At 25, you seem to have achieved a lot compared to most of your peers. What drives your passion and Ambition?

Titi: I wouldn’t see my achievements as so much. I just want to be like my dad. He was a big philanthropist and I learnt from him that for you to be able to achieve your goals and help others, you need to work very hard. A hungry person can’t provide for another hungry person. Every day I look in the mirror, I see a reflection of my late dad, how much he worked, how much he achieved and how much I myself need to work and achieve too.

Interviewer: I was meant to understand that the FORD Foundation, just offered you a Scholarship to study Leadership and Non-Profit Management. Congratulations. So what are your future career goals?

Titi: My future career goals are non-profit management. I derive so much joy working for the growth of other people, those I know, and those I don’t know. So its important for me to have a professional qualifications in that area. May be after I gather the certifications I will look forward to working in the non-profit sector.

Interviewer: As a part of this government and an ardent student of the GRS school of politics, do you think you have gathered enough political and leadership experience to contest for elections in 2023 or take-on bigger political appointments if the opportunity presents itself?

Titi: Yes I believe I have gotten enough experience, all thanks to my mentor, Senator Gbemi Sarki, whom has helped me to build, grow and develop in the political sphere. But to contest or hold a political position, I don’t think am cut-out for that, because I discovered that; one of the major problems we have in Nigeria is; we have too many professional politicians, those whose sole means of livelihood depends on politics. So until we begin to appoint professionals who actually have lives outside politics, to serve in political positions, we will keep having issues of corruption and looting of public funds. So I don’t want to be a professional politician, rather I want to be able to carve a niche for myself in the Legal Practice, non-profit management and other professional fields. I don’t see myself getting deep into politics; I just want to continue learning and work on my Human Capital development.

Thank You.

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