Why Trump Will Win The 2020 Election

Chris Eruba is a Public & Foreign Affairs Analyst, and the Editor of Intel News Nigeria. In This Article, he tells us why Trump will win the November 2020, U.S. Presidential Election

As the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. President Donald J. Trump was not an easy choice to make, but he turned out to be the best. Since he got elected in November 2016, he has kept his promises to the American people, and has continued to fight and protect the interest of Americans, both home and abroad. His one single consideration has been; America first!

When he took over the Presidency from Barrack Obama, he met an America that has been treacherously sold into the hands of foreign powers who sort nothing but to reduce American influence in the international scene. He met an America that was economically down, with hundreds of thousands of citizens out of Job, high crime rate; a country that was totally in chaos, and run by the Deep state. But in three years, he turned the tide of negative events into positive outcomes.

Trump rebuilt the U.S Army and much stronger and bigger Army (The Best fighting Force on the face of the Earth), he made the Economy more robust, created millions of Jobs, Renegotiated trade agreements with other countries with much more favorable terms for the American people. But in doing all these, he earned the enmity and sickening hate of his political traducers and the Mainstream Media. Is it true that since the past 3 years of Trump’s Administration, he has done nothing good for the American people? The Democrats alongside the fake news media have refused to see anything good in the Trump administration. They have continued to disparage and disrespect the Very office they wish to occupy. They should be careful, that what they do today does not affect them tomorrow when eventually they come to power. They are setting a dangerous precedent that if allowed to stand, will also affect them tomorrow when they occupy that office.

They have launched a dangerous war of disinformation and defamation of character; an unprecedented rate of betrayal, disgrace and disrespect of their President to their international community. They should be mindful, its not Trump they are doing that to, but rather the Office he occupies.

Plot after plot, they couldn’t bring Trump down. Like the statue of Liberty; he stands in the middle of sea of betrayals, and well coordinated waves of attack from the Deep state, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media, against the Freedom and Liberty of Americans and the free world. Unshaken and unperturbed, he weathers these attacks every day and comes out victorious. He survived their partisan impeachment plot. Like the brave standing firm on his convictions and with the support of the silent majority of Americans who voted him into office, President Trump fights his foes fearlessly, given them a run for their money.

Every bad event that happens in the Trump Administration is a welcomed development for the fake news media and their sponsors. Anything to pull Trump down is the sole aim of these unpatriotic Lot. And they will stop at nothing to achieve this aim. In many ways never witnessed before in any country world over, the Mainstream media have tried to use the ongoing corona pandemic in the US to turn the American people against their President, whom they look up for leadership at this terrible time. The Democrats have continued to play politics with this virus hoping that it will ruin the goodwill of President Trump from the American people. They have shown Americans that they don’t care about them, but about the office Trump occupies.

Trump didn’t create the Corona Virus; the Chinese did, and are responsible for this global pandemic. Instead of the media to turn their search light on China, they have continued to display an obsessive hate for Trump, throwing blames at the president, misleading the American people with Dangerous dis-information that is treasonable for any individual or organization.

But the good news is; Trump will get elected come November 2020. He has Made America Great Again and only needs four more years to Keep America Great. Despite all efforts by the Media to negatively influence Americans against their President, Americans still love Trump and will vote him again and again. He will win with a landslide, and the shame and disgrace will be on his traducers.

Americans are watching and are aware of the Antics of the Media and the Democrats. Their opinion polls are all fraudulently rigged to deceive Americans and make them believe that Trump will lose. But they are the ones who would lose.
With the firm and honest leadership of President Donald Trump, and with the support and understanding of Americans across baord, America will overcome the Corona Pandemic better and stronger, and will head to the polls to re-elect their Best President so far, to rebuild their economy. He did it before, and he can do it again. They Trust Trump, and will choose him over a crooked, shady and creepy candidate.

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