Why Trump will Win Biden with a Landslide come November 3rd, U.S Presidential Election

When Donald Trump declared his intentions to contest for the President of the most Powerful Country in the world, everyone dismissed him with a laugh. Some called him a Joke and yeah, Trump looked like a joke then. Being a real Estate Mogul and Reality TV Star with zero political experience, everyone felt he was joking, but unknown to them, he was dead serious.

When he turned towards the U.S Republican Party and began to canvass for Conservative votes across America, everybody called him a looser. How he eventually clinched the Republican Party’s Presidential Ticket was surprising to all, but still they dismissed him as a joke who would end up loosing.

Trump was politically not a match to his Opponent, then Immediate past Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She has been a first Lady of the United States of America, when her Husband, Bill Clinton was President, and she has gone ahead to serve in various positions in government, and finally was appointed the U.S Secretary of State by President Barrack Obama. So politically she was versed, and could be said to be very experienced & Competent to run the office of the most powerful President in the World. More-over, she was on the verge of making history, as the first Female President of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton

But Trump knew what he was up against, and had done his home work well.

While liberals and leftists were willing and ready to vote Hillary, Trump went for Conservative Voters. He took his campaign to the heart of the silent Majority of American Conservatives, and woke them in their millions. Nobody knew that such a voting Population was there, lying dormant in the American society, until Trump’s Conservative campaigns awoke their political consciousness and drove them out to vote for him.

Hilary and her Democrat Party continued to dismiss Trump and the possibility of him winning until the votes of the 2016 U.S Presidential Elections were casted, then she knew otherwise.

Trump won. And it was a shocking victory to Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic National Convention (DNC). She cried tears of anguish. “How could a Crazy man like Trump with his equally crazy voters from God knows where, come to destroy her life-long dream and ambition?”. It was simply unbelievable. But there it was. Trump had won and was about to be sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States of America. A “Crazy Man” as they called him, was about to occupy the seat of the most powerful President in the world.

There first reaction was to find ways to scuttle his swearing-in, incidentally, it didn’t work. Then they launched a barrage of Propaganda attacks on Trump, “That he was incompetent, unstable and unsuitable to occupy the office of the President of the United States of America, that he will set the world on fire with nuclear weapons, which will automatically cause a nuclear warfare amongst world powers”. But the Propaganda served little or no purpose to uninstall Trump from office.

Them came the hoax allegations, that the Russians rigged the election for Trump, and that Trump was a Puppet of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. And so they set up an investigative panel, headed by an independent counsel Robert Muller, and poured in millions of Tax payers dollars in the probe, only for the Muller Panel to end up exonerating Trump of any collusion with the Russians to Rig the Election on his behalf.

Seeing that the Muller Report had failed to indict Trump; members of the Democrat Party Congress, quickly slammed 3 accusations against Trump, called the accusations “Impeachable Offenses”, and went ahead to to run a fully partisan Impeachment hearing in congress, with only Democrats Voting to Impeach Trump in Congress, while his Republican party members in Congress Voted against the Impeachment. Infact two Democrat congressmen joined their republican colleagues to Vote against the impeachment. But being that the Democrats had a strong majority in Congress, they ended up impeaching Trump on a fully partisan vote.

When the impeachment resolution was passed on to the Senate for final assent, the Senate, Majorly constituted by Republican Senators quashed the three impeachable offenses presented by the Democrats in Congress and voted against Impeaching President Trump, thereby ending the Impeachment saga.

But while the Democrats and their failed Candidate, Hilary Clinton, refused to accept the results of the 2016, U.S Presidential Election, and choose to keep witch-hunting Trump, hoping that they could in one way or the other upturn his victory and drive him out of office, Trump was Busy Fulfilling his campaign Promises to the American People. He was Smart in his leadership approach, and was multi-tasking. While attending to the daily demands of his office, he was also fighting off his Democrat opponent and the American Media Consortium, who were obviously biased against Trump’s Presidency and were clearly leaning in support of the opposition Democratic Party to ruin Trump’s administration.

With Just his Twitter Account, Trump kept beating the fake news Media, the Democrat opponents and their Propagandas back to back.

Joe Biden

And here are why the American People will vote Trump Again; this time to defeat his main Democrat Opponent Joe Biden in a Landslide:

  1. Trump has created millions of Job in less than 4 years of his administration for the American People, thereby historically reducing the unemployment rate in America.
  2. He has grown the American Economy by far better than, and more enviable to any country in the world. The U.S Economy is now bigger and Stronger than it used to be, and he has further renegotiated U.S trade deals to a more favourable terms for the U.S Government and its citizens.
  3. Trump has revamped the U.S military, expanding it and restoring it back to its glory, as the strongest military in the whole world. He has also created a 5th arm of the U.S Military, known as Space Force, and has gone ahead to review U.S military posts across the world, recalling back soldiers long posted in the Middle East, in a move he calls “Ending the Endless wars”
  4. His Foreign Policy has been the best so far, and for the first time in history, since the middle East crisis began, Trump’s Administration was able to draft a workable Middle-East Peace Plan called “Deal of the Century”, which is currently being implemented and accepted by progressive minds in the Middle-East.
  5. He has continued to run an all inclusive government in America, has refused to segregate or be politically correct in any circumstance. He has been blunt with the American people and has restored the conservative nature of the American state. Its full Honour and Glory.
  6. The Democrats knowing that they have no capable candidate that could beat Trump at the Polls, ended up choosing the worst candidate, Joe Biden. Biden allegedly has Alzheimer, and its obvious that his health is rapidly worsening daily. He is incapable to govern, and Americans know this and sees it. Besides, he and his son, Hunter Biden allegedly has a cloak of corrupt shady dealings with both the Chinese and Ukrainian Government hanging on their neck, which has not yet been clarified. Americans wouldn’t want to have a sick or corrupt President in office governing them. And so majority of them will be voting against the Democrats and their candidate Joe Biden.
  7. Even amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, Trump has shown extra-ordinary leadership, amidst an International Pandemic outbreak of this nature. He keeps fighting, working round the clock, tirelessly to Save and Protect America lives.
  8. Amidst all the criticisms and ill-wishes, Trump has always come-out positive and never defeated. He is strong and has radiated his strengthen in the day to day running of the American affair, and has continually put the Interest of America First before anything else.
  9. The Silent Majority loves him and will vote him over and over again. This time, the vote will be triple what it was in 2016, as more and more Americans both Democrats and liberals have joined the Trump campaign train and are hell bent on voting him for four more years in Office as their President.
  10. No doubt, Trump is headed for a Landslide Victory, come Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 U.S Presidential Election. No Media Propaganda can deliver a victory to the Democrat party, nor change the voting mind of the silent majority who are strongly Behind President Donald John Trump.


Chris Eruba
International Affairs Analyst

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