By Obidike Chukwuebuka

George Moghalu

For Anambra State, we must be guided by the understanding that great states are built by leaders who inspire followership and followers who are committed to partrotic ideals and common good .
My answer would be statecraft and philosophical variances! Permit me to amplify.

The classical view of State is that it exists to provide such a condition as to enable the individual to be the best he can be. Government is the instrument of State for achieving this and as such must see itself as a facilitator or a referee coordinating the various activities within a society to impact both relevant development and progress. Naturally, there are a lot of implicit vectors in play in this overview, but suffice it to say that George sees a lot of potentials in demystifying government.

He has the conviction that government is not just about building landmark structures and monuments. In fact, the more fundamental essence of government (albeit governance) is the capacity to build those invisible threads and structures of socio-economic behaviour so trends that ultimately compel the society politically towards a socio-political self actualization, rather than waiting for government handouts and or contracts.

In this regard, security to life and property; protection and enforcement of basic freedom and rights; as well as absence of pernicious taxations and levies, will do more to realize society’s potentials, than the best build roads and bridges to nowhere! Basically, if you have enabling conditions, the physical structures will evolve, as is matter of course. For instance, if you have a Police Force at both Federal and State levels, that is responsible for society protection, instead of being obstructive and oppressive, the society will be better able to respond to the triggers for socio-cultural revolution. Indeed, George remains the last hope to deliver the state.

Obidike Chukwuebuka, MBBI

Com. Obidike Chukwuebuka
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