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Relaxing Lockdown without Massive Testing will worsen our woes – Oniyangi

In a Press release by the CEO of Swift Air Ambulance Services, Mallam Abdulazeez Yinka-Oniyangi; has cautioned the Federal government against relaxing the Lockdown without making provisions for massive testing…….

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd, Mallam Abdulazeez Yinka-Oniyangi, has cautioned authorities in Nigeria against relaxing lockdown without making adequate provisions for massive testing for COVID-19 across the states.

Oniyangi also bemoaned the alleged poor treatment of Nigeria’s health practitioners since the outbreak of the pandemic, regretting that the horrible treatment meted out to them had subjected to them to avoidable danger and deaths.

He said: “Glad enough no one is traveling anywhere, we are all on this together. Money doesn’t work anymore.
“I have it also on very strong record our health workers are badly and horribly treated and exposed to the virus at the frontlines without adequate tools as simple as PPEs, now this explains why 40 health workers tested positive. Isn’t it scary. These are people we should hero worship but yet treated with disdain.”

The Medical Aviation Expert who expressed this views in a telephone chat with Daily Independent posited that the on going War the killer virus requires more actions now than before.

Reviewing the efforts geared towards containing the pandemic, Oniyangi hinted that the available statistics suggested that the situation in Nigeria was still scary and called for more commitment on the part of government.

“Countries like the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) which is far less in population than Nigeria , as at yesterday have tested One Million people, which explains why lockdown got relaxed. How many have we done in Nigeria. Look at the disparity and that tells us the looming crisis.” the statement reads in part.

“Kano is on the precipice of disaster. I am not sure the government is getting right unless they descentralise the testing locations and increase the capacity for test kits. This isn’t looking too good. Imagine under 24hours losing so many prominent people,” he lamented.

He also expressed dissatisfaction about the seeming slow pace of testing occasioned by inadequate testing kits across the country.

Oniyangi,therefore urged government to,as matter of urgency, decentralized Test Locations and use substantial part of the fund accrued from donations to procure the needed equipment.

According to him, “The longer it takes to have massive numbers tested the higher the risk of conflagration. COVID-19 is not a joke the way its been seen. This is a global war with unseen enemies.

“The first step to measuring the spikes and flattening the curve in a short time is Massive increase in the number of tests. Nigeria is a huge country and we knew this was coming and we didn’t take steps to decentralized the test locations and daily numbers.

The tertiary Healthcare are seriously starved of funds to even prepare for the situation. Yet you hear billions are donated, so where is the money going.

“On our part we have been and we will keep speaking truth to power until they hear us out. The whole thing is a mess. Perhaps God forbid if we consistently start losing people in thousands daily for 3 weeks like Italy they will wake up to the reality,” he added.

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