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Omoyele Sowore calls for boycott of Nigeria’s Independence day Celebration, as he lists reasons

The leader of #RevolutionNow Omoyele Sowore, has called for a total boycott of Nigeria’s 60th Independence day celebration, as he lists reasons via his tweet:

“We are sorry, we are not doing Independence Day this year due to tyranny, oppression, corruption, nepotism, #endsars, terrorism, killing of Shiites, extra judicial killings of #Ipob members, Non payment of salaries and wages, insecurity, high school fees, high food prices, spike in electricity tariffs, social media bills, hate speech bills, detention of dissenting voices, election rigging, discrimination against minorities, pollution of Niger Delta environment, medical tourism by leaders, bad roads, no electricity, lack of funding for education, high perks for useless lawmakers, killing of our soldiers bcos of embezzlement of monies meant for equipments, oppression of tenants by landlords, police brutality, bad foreign policies that lets Ghana & South Africa oppress us, incompetence at all levels by the @MBuhari”

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