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Nyerere Anyim Foundation Launches Digital Skills Empowerment for 10,000 Abia Youths (Register Below)


One of the biggest problems in our country today, is growing youth unemployment. Every year, our universities are churning out graduates, but unfortunately, there are not enough jobs for the teaming youth graduates in our country. The reality is that, not all the graduate youths are going to get a government job or any white collar job of some sort. In such a case, it becomes imperative that the unemployed, seek alternative, legitimate means of income; hence the Nyerere Anyim Foundation, have continued to hammer on TECHNICAL EDUCATION FOR SKILLS EMPOWERNMENT, to enable our youths create jobs for themselves and earn income.

This is one of the visions and missions of the NYERERE ANYIM FOUNDATION – “To empower our youths will skills that will enable them create jobs for themselves as well as for others, and earn a living, without waiting for years of government employment that may never come”.

Today, technology rules the world and is taking over every sector of the economy. The 21st century economy is now leaning towards a Digital Economy. Everything is evolving and revolving round technology, and as such, it has become implicit, that one must have the requisite technical skill, to evolve with the growing world technology, or get left behind. The Nyerere Anyim Foundation have come to this reality, and in our usual manner, we are making it an obligation to quickly empower our youths with these requisite Digital Skills, in other to position them fit and proper for the technological revolution that is sweeping across the world.

Education, is one thing the Founder of the Nyerere Anyim Foundation, Dr. Nyerere Chinenye Anyim, hold dear to his heart. It has been his continued wish that every Abia Youth, gets at least a basic education; and even in the present realities of lack of Jobs, he has continued to seek for ways to get unemployed Abia Youths gainfully employed or empowered with a skill, that would enable them earn a living, and create wealth. Today, he has taken another giant step in the actualization of this vision, by launching the; DIGITAL SKILLS EMPOWERNMENT PROGRAMME (DISEP) FOR ABIA YOUTHS.

DISEP, is a SOFT SKILL, which will be delivered to Abia Youths by highly trained Google Experts in the digital field, and the Pilot phase of the programme, seeks to train 10,000 Abia Youths across the nooks and crannies of the state. The good news is that DISEP is a skill that once acquired; it requires ZERO CAPITAL to engage-in, and hence enabling Abia Youths to key into today’s Digital Economy and begin to earn a living.

Further more, Nyerere Anyim Foundation, will ensure that after the training, the requisite tools and facilities to enable each participant actualize the objective of the training will be provided.

It is on the strength of the above, that we encourage every Abia Youth to register for the programme, and have the opportunity of a Next Level Advancement.


Click Link Below to Register (Registration ends 18th of October 2020):


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