Morocco To Establish Diplomatic Ties With Israel Shortly After Sudan.

When U.S President Trump launched the Middle East deal of the Century, Many foreign affairs analysts doubted its workability, but Trump whom has always bragged about his skill in making deals, had more than just a plan.

To Everyone’s surprise, immediately after Launching the Deal, the UAE supported it and shortly after doing so, signed a diplomatic agreement with Israel. And while other Arab countries where still condemning the UAE-Israel deal, Bahrain join the UAE to sign same deal with Israel, and backing the middle East deal of the century.

Shortly after the UAE & Bahrain signed Diplomatic agreements with Israel, rumors were rife of the possibility of Sudan joining the the two gulf countries to sign diplomatic agreements with Israel. The Sudan transition government quickly denied it, but after its leader had a secret meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Uganda two months ago, it was beginning to seem obvious that such an agreement could be in the offing. Yet the Sudanese Government kept denying till the last minute.

To drive the possibility of such a deal becoming a reality, the U.S government as part of its requirements to assist the Sudanese Government, insisted that the Sudanese government should sign the Diplomatic agreement with Israel, in exchange of foreign aide and removal of the country’s name from its List of State Sponsors of terrorism.

Considering its current economic woes and the prospects of accessing foreign loans that will be off great economic relief, if its name is removed from the U.S Sanction list of State sponsors of terrorism, the Sudanese Government secretly signed the diplomatic agreement with Israel early this month.

In a similar deal, the Moroccan Government though officially denying, are about to Sign same diplomatic agreement with Israel any moment from now, in exchange of U.S and Israel’s support of its control of the Western Sahara.

Western Sahara a semi Sovereign State located in the fringes of the Sahara Dessert has been pushing for its independence since 1974, when the French government relinquished control of the area as a colonial territory. The Moroccan government has since then held control and occupied the sparsely populated area, while seeking UN and International recognition of its legitimacy to administer the region under the Moroccan sovereignty.

Morocco, though a strong ally of the U.S Government in North Africa, may be facing same option as Sudan; (Signing Diplomatic Agreement with the Israel in exchange of U.S Continued support and recognition of its Control of Western Sahara).

Within the coming days, we will know the decision Morocco will be marking. But I doubt if it will be ready to risk loosing Western Sahara and its rich Mineral resources, compared to signing a diplomatic agreement with Israel.

Meanwhile President Donald Trump, has hinted that immediately after the U.S Presidential election coming up first week of November, about 5 more Arab Countries will be signing Sam diplomatic deal with Israel, to stabilize and solidify the peace and development now witnessed in the middle East.

Chris Eruba

Editor: INTEL News

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