A few of us get to know what we want in life and how to go about, starting early enough from our youth formative age.

In Nigeria, the case is totally different. Many youths have totally lost the ability to choose and stand by their choices irrespective of whatever the consequences, as they now settle for whatever that is available.

One youth whom I admire so much, from the stables of the Igbonla community of Kwara, to the state and country at large, is my very good friend and sister, Titilope Talkawat Anifowoshe, AKA Legal Eagle.

In almost a decade that I have known her, she has been nothing but exceptionally distinguished from her peers. A born leader, advocate of the Youths and masses, a fearless Eagle as her Monika extols, an invaluable assert to her community, state and the country at large. Titi is simply the personification of “Think of what you can do for others and not what others can do for you”. She is always dedicated to serve and to bear the crux of others for the greater good of everyone.

What better occupation could have suited these inborn characters of such personality as Titi, if not the Legal Profession?, and she knew it. As young as she was, while concluding her Secondary school, she had taken cognizance of the inborn characters in her, and knew that the Legal Profession was hers to venture into, and so she proceeded to study Law at the prestigious University of Ilorin, where she was summarily found worthy in Character and Learning, upon her graduation from that citadel of education.

A brief encounter with Titi will quickly unravel the sophisticated intelligence behind this young Amazon. The positive energy in her, the focus, goal oriented, target drive and the rugged determination in her that doesn’t offend one but wins her friends and support in whatever she does and wherever she goes. Her charisma and joviality is next to none, embracing everyone and giving them a place within her, irrespective of whatever ethno-religious barrier.

Just as she realized the leadership traits and qualities in her, she equally realized that she was an Eagle amongst birds of her peers. She embraced the name and attitude of an Eagle and of a true, like an Eagle, she soars higher, defiling the odds, surpassing set standards and setting new ones.

My dear Titi, today, as you celebrate your 25th birthday, we equally celebrate your life and achievements so far. Permit me to say 25 years of achievements on earth, because it seems that from the day you were born, you began your destiny to lead and to help mankind. Your pet project and NGO, the EAGLES FOUNDATION FOR HUMANITY, is a testament of your mission and service to mankind. The services you have rendered to the people in the various positions you have held so far, speak of your dedicated stewardship, accountability and trust in service of the people.

Your loyalty is second to none. You have been tried and tested over time, and circumstances have equally show-cased the sterling qualities in you; which, have, in such circumstances, ended in distinguishing you amongst your peers and like the Eagle you are, you soared and surpassed.

In bold defiance especially when it mattered the most, you have always risen to the task, riding to victory.
When I asserted you as the most influential Youth in Kwara and one of the emerging youth leaders in our country, a lot of Critics didn’t understand what I saw in you. But time will discern the needed wisdom and understanding in them to see the fine qualities you posses, which led to my assertion, as I hope and pray that one day, it will uplift you to saddle the position of public Trust in our country.

Once again, 25 happy cheers to the Eagle !!!!!!
May Allah ease your affairs……..

Chris Eruba

Editor Intel News Nigeria

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