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Covid19: Measures taken by Nigeria, and other African Countries

Here are some of the measures taken by some African countries to cushion citizens from the adverse effects of covid-19


-No payment of rent by citizens until December 2020
-Government to cover water and electricity bills for the next 3 months
-Free public transport for the next three months
-Free pharmaceutical products and basic necessities


-Government to cover all water bills for 3 months
-Health workers treating COVID-19 patients to receive 50% additional salary plus allowances
-All health workers to be exempted from paying tax for 3 months


-Door-to-door distribution of food
-Provision of free water and electricity to its citizens
-Provision of free medical supplies


-A $168 million relief fund to assist businesses to pay workers’ salaries so that none gets laid off.


-No payment of rent till further notice
-Distribution of food to the vulnerable


Free beatings by Police
Constant Lockdowns and curfew without palliatives to cushion the effect
None support to poor Nigerians
Most Nigerians losing their jobs.
-*Prices of rice and food commodities going up.
-•Creation of mobile courts to help security people to collect ‘bail money’ from Lockdown defaulters.

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