Covid19: Another Minister Infected

Sudan’s minister of state in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation has been infected with the novel coronavirus, the Council of Ministers said Sunday.

The council said in a press release that Hashim Ibn Auf, who also chairs a subcommittee under the Higher Committee for Health Emergencies to combat the coronavirus, has been under home quarantine since last week after testing positive.

“The minister of state in the ministry of infrastructure and transportation, Hashim Ibn Auf, tested positive for the coronavirus last week after interacting with one of his relatives who has COVID-19,” it said.

“The minister is in stable condition and recovering well. He has even participated in meetings of the higher committee on fighting the coronavirus through teleconferencing.”

Sudan has witnessed a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the past few days. The country has 592 cases, 41 deaths and 52 recoveries, according to data from US-based Johns Hopkins University.

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