Armed Robbers rob First Bank, Kill Police DPO and officers in Kogi

For well over 2 hours today, at least 18 armed robbers laid siege to Isanlu in Yagba East LGA of Kogi State, killing many at the police station opposite the LG headquarters, including the DPO, as well as many civilians at First Bank – the only commercial bank in the town.

A witness told me the operation was a replica of the Offa bank robbery of 2018.

The robbers first went to the station, marched out the civilians and policemen inside it and killed them one after the other.

Then they roamed the town and proceeded to the bank to rob and kill.

So many photos that I can’t share — because they show the face of the victims and they’re indeed gruesome.

A very dark day for Kogi State and a scary reminder of the state of security in this country.


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